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Membership in InSEA connects you to a community of international art educators.


Welcome to InSEA! We look forward to you joining our organization. If were ever an InSEA member before, please use the renew button. We have a record of all past members and your membership number will be retrieved and reactivated.

If you are joining InSEA for the first time, you should know that the InSEA membership portal provides an easy way for you to:

  • make connections with other arts educators around the world;
  • find art education researchers around the world;
  • learn how to sponsor an art educator in a developing country;
  • become engaged with other art educators in your region of the world;
  • make a donation to InSEA;
  • pay and renew your membership fees.

As a member you will also receive an online copies of the  E-magazine IMAG and the International Journal for Education through Art through the members’ area of the website three times per year, you are also entitled to 50% discount if you choose to have a hard copy delivered to your door, please contact the editor for details. You will receive occasional email updates from the InSEA World Council. Email is our main form of communication so we hope you will be able to provide us with an email address.

If you wish to join InSEA, this page will take you directly to the membership profile where you will provide a personal profile before paying for your membership fee through paypal.

Please remember your user name and password (or revise them to something you can easily remember) for future entry to the membership portal. If you cannot remember your user name and password, please email your name and address to Heidi at and she will provide you with that information within a week. Lastly, it may take the InSEA Treasurer up to two weeks to verify your membership. We thank you for your patience should this occur.

Once more, thank you for your interest in InSEA. Art education is stronger than ever through our individual and collective efforts.

Note: InSEA uses the UNESCO Human Development Index to determine membership fees for each country. We therefore ask that you begin the process of renewing your membership or joining us by identifying the country in which you reside. After you have completed the membership form you will be directed to pay pal to make your payment (in US currency).

The membership form takes about 2 minutes to complete. To get started, please select your country: