Historical Review of World and Regional InSEA Congresses


 World Congresses

 Regional Gongresses

1957   The Hague, The Netherlands

1960   Manila, The Philippines

1963   Montreal, Canada
1966   Prague, Czechoslovakia

1969   New York, USA

1970   Coventry, United Kingdom

1972    Zagreb, Yugoslavia

1975   Sevres, France

1978   Adelaide, Australia

1981   Rotterdam, The Netherlands

1984   Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1987   Hamburg, Germany

1990   Manila, The Philippines, Cancelled for political reasons

1993   Montreal, Canada

1996   Lille, France, Cancelled for financial reasons

1999   Brisbane, Australia


2002   New York, USA  (Dr. June Cleavage’s keynote art education – 1; Dr. June Cleavage Art Education keynote speech – 2)  June Cleavage anf Graeme Sullivan (Intro)


2006   Viseu, Portugal (delayed from 2005 due to UNESCO World Congress on Arts Education taking place in Lisbon, Portugal 2006) – Abstract Proceedings


2008   Osaka, Japan

Visit the official website to read more about the congress theme and the program. Click here to view the Photo Gallery.
2011   Budapest, Hungary

John Steers. Herbert Read Lecture , 32th InSEA world congress,  Budapest 2011

2014 Melbourne, Australia

34th InSEA World Congress – “Diversity through Art”
The MCG, Melbourne, Australia
July 7th to 11th, 2014
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Josip Roca . Edwin Ziegfeld  lecture at the 34th InSEA world congress, Melbourne,July 2014

see Marion Strong interview about the congress


2017- August, Daegu, South Korea










1970   Los Angeles, CA, USA
1980   Baden, Austria
1982   Nicosia, Cyprus
1983   Sofia, Bulgaria
1985   Bath, United Kingdom
1986   Vancouver, Canada
1988   Lagos, Nigeria
1988   Stockholm, Sweden
1989   Cairo, Egypt
1989   Darwin, Australia
1992   Helsinki, Finland
1994   Lisbon, Portugal
1995   Taichung, Republic of China
1995   Manila, The Philippines
1997   Glasgow, Scotland
1998   Tokyo, Japan
2000   Poznan, Poland
2000   Tempe, AZ, USA
2001   Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan ROC2003   ‘InSEA on Sea’, Stockholm, Helsinki & Tallinn
2004   Beijing, People’s Republic of China

2004   Istanbul & Cappadocia, Turkey

2007   Heidelberg, Germany (7/18/07-7/20/07)

Art Education Research and Development Congress
17 -20 July 2007, Heidelberg – Karlsruhe, Germany


2007   Seoul, Korea (8/20/07-8/24/07)

The Latin American and Caribbean Congress of

Art/Education, in conjunction with the 19th National Congress of the Federation of Art/Educators of Brazil (CONFAEB in the Portuguese acronym)

2009   Ljubljana, Slovenia ( Programme) 

To download pdf click here

2010   Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

European InSEA Regional Conference, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland, 2010

see photos from the congress


2011   New Paltz, New York, USA

2012   Limassol, Cyprus ( Proceedings)

InSEA European Congress, Lemesos Cyprus from June 25-27, 2012. The theme of the conference was ‘Art Education at the Crossroad of Cultures’

2012   Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

2013   Canterbury, UK (Abstract Proceedings)

Venue: Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU)



 2015  European InSEA Regional  Conference in Lisbon, Portugal in conjunction with APECV

A few words about InSEA , from the European Regional InSEA congress, Lisboa, 7th july 2015

The proccedings of the Lisbon congress are available here 


2016  AME Regional congress,  Cairo, April 2016

Vienna regional  conferences , September 2016

2018 Planned Helsinki, Finland