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Proceedings From the Regional InSEA Congress 2015- Lisbon, Portugal ( Download Proceedings)

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Moreno Montoro, M.I;  Yanes Córdoba, V.R.. ; Tirado de la Chica. A. ( Eds). ( 2015). Re-Estetizando- Algunas Propuestas para alcanzar la independencia en la educación del arte . InSEA Publications.

This E-book is the first open source publication of InSEA . Thanks to the editors Isabel Moreno Montoro; Victor Cordoba and Ana Tirado de la Chica who generously shared their work with the other InSEA members. The book is a challenging collection of essays from authors from Spain; England; Greece , Caribbean and Latin American countries. The main topic is art and education for social transformation and the different authors approach the theme bringing up suggestions for actions in the society.The book is built upon the idea that we need to insist and resist to the problematic issues of art education, specially now when the great majority of the western governments are reducing the role of arts education in the curriculum of public schools. According to the authors insisting in advocating for the need for arts education is not enough, there is a need to go forward and present activist situations , real actions of art in education to reach socio-political spaces ; non formal sites where the arts can play a reconstruction role for social well being and to promote critical awareness for active citizenship. The different chapters of the book bring up possible roads , mapping radical possibilities within institutional spaces.The book can be downloaded here, if you wish a printed version, please contact

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InSEA  international survey of art educators.

In 2012, a group of art education researchers spearheaded an international survey of art educators. InSEA would like to thank Melody Milbrandt, Teresa Eca, Kevin Hsieh and Ryan Shin for their commitment to art education and InSEA. This report begins to help us understand how art educators perceive art education in their countries and around the world.

SEE here the report 

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“The Drawing Path for Children” written by Bob Steele is available as an E-Book 

The Drawing Path for Children demonstrates the importance of drawing as a spontaneous language for children. It contains a balance of theory and practice for ‘teaching’ drawing to children and young people from preschool to high school. Included are practical suggestions for conducting a daily draw at home and school, and for integrating drawing into the school curriculum in areas such as science, social studies, language arts and art.This book merges 80 examples of children’s drawing with anecdotes and strategies from teachers and parents all framed by the insights of master educator and artist, Bob Steele. Focused on the significant early learning reflected in children’s authentic drawing practices, Steele guides parents and teachers in recognizing and nurturing authentic drawing as a vehicle for empathy, creative self-expression, and cognitive growth.Those who purchase the book should know that proceeds are being generously given to InSEA and CSEA by Bob Steele, a long time advocate for children and art and an honorary lifetime member of InSEA. All of us are deeply grateful to Bob for his generosity. This is one way to advocate for drawing in education while at the same time raising funds for art education organizations who are committed to advocating for arts education. Please share this information with all of your art education, early childhood and drawing oriented friends!

The book is on Amazon  And on Apple ibookOpen iTunes – select iTunes store – in ‘search store’ – type ‘The Drawing Path for Children’ – hit return.