InSEA is an international community dedicated to advocacy, networking and the advancement of research in art education.

Advocacy is always a political process with aims to influence public policy and resource allocations within political, economic, and social systems. For InSEA, advocacy is motivated by our belief that every child has the right to an excellent education in and through art. It also stems from our belief that this is a lifelong enterprise. InSEA Advocacy includes media campaigns like WAAE Arts Education Week, public support for the arts in the form of exhibitions, lectures, newspaper reports, published research that shows how important art can be for all citizens in all parts of the world.

InSEA is an amazing, international, supportive professional community of art educators. We have a significant role in disseminating ideas and research internationally about the importance of art for all people. We celebrate the creative, the communicative, and the thoughtful. A critical aim at this time in history is to encourage and appreciate diversity, and resist moves toward international uniformity. We are hopeful that you will join in InSEA’s advocacy through a set of actions:

  • Join InSEA officially! (InSEA.org)
  • Join the Blog conversation to develop a DYNAMIC web presence
  • Write and deliver advocacy statements to target organizations, policy makers, educational leaders, Corporate leaders
  • Talk to (and show) your colleagues about what you do.
  • Make education through art available to all. Design accessible materials for deaf and disabled people, those with learning disabilities and physical & sensory impairment, and people living with mental health issues and HIV/AIDS.
  • Use the Blog and InSEA Website as a springboard to promote advocacy activism at the local, national, and international levels:
  • Work on projects that are transdisciplinary
  • Establish connections with art teachers in other countries
  • Post advocacy videos on InSEA Blog and InSEA website
  • Consider opportunities to develop advocacy activism from local street to video to media to viral
  • Collaborate (do not compete) with the other arts. Be clear that each art supports the other ones. Emphasize the mutuality of the arts
  • Write Press Releases frequently to highlight your advocacy actions
  • Develop and post transdisciplinary projects for early childhood through adult learners and all ability level


InSEA members enjoy these benefits every year:

1 Professional publications including three issues of InSEA iMAG; (3?) e-newsletters and three online issues of the International Journal of Education through Art and full access to every article published in the Journal since 2005 (normal price $68.00).

2 Opportunities for professional development and networking nationally and internationally with colleagues at all phases of education in the largest international society for art education.

3 Full access to the member’s area of the InSEA website, get support and join the debate with colleagues about research advocacy and good practice in art education in our online forums.

4 Discount rates to attend InSEA local, national and international events such as congresses and conferences.

As a member of the international community of art educators you can:

Keep up to date with developments in art education:

  • Three online issues per year of the International Journal of Education through Art and full access to every article published in the Journal since 2005 (IJEtA on-line, free access for members; IJETA printed copies: 50% discount for members).

  • Cutting edge e-magazine: stay fully informed about art education practices around the world.

  • Newsletter with information of professional relevance.

  • Resources on art education advocacy, research and praxis in the members’ area of InSEA web page.

  • Attend InSEA congresses and Endorsed congresses with reduced fees.

  • Access InSEA E-publications and InSEA endorsed E-publications for free or with reduced prices in our online bookshelf (coming soon).

Network on a national or worldwide basis:

  • Contact art educators from your own country or around the world on a virtual basis through our online member database.

  • Meet up with art educators from around the world in congresses or conferences (Endorsed; InSEA regional; InSEA world congress).

  • Initiate or participate in art education projects.

  • Establish or take part in InSEA virtual or actual exhibitions.

  • Take part in exchange projects (artist – teachers in residency) as a host or as a guest.

Advocate for art education in your country and internationally

  • Help organise an InSEA local event or congress

  • Ask InSEA officers to write letters of support to your government, local authorities, etc.

  • Assist visual art educators’ voices to be heard at the World Alliance for Arts Education WAAE (InSEA is a founding member of the alliance).

  • Promote good practice and enable art educators’ voices to be heard at UNESCO, InSEA is a NGO member.



As a member of InSEA, you will: 

Join a community of experts that recognises and validates the achievements of art educators in both research and praxis with the following awards:

  • Herbert Read Award (individuals whose scholarly work has influenced the thinking of art educators in his or her own country or throughout).

  • Ziegfeld Award (arts education leaders who have forged new directions in art education).

  • Bassiouny Award (individuals who have developed new and effective forms of international communication and/or mentoring, or international arts exchanges, or whose commitment to social justice in the arts have modified or changed cultures).

  • Doctoral Research Award (outstanding doctoral thesis in visual arts education).

  • Certificates and Awards for artists/teachers participating in InSEA activities.

  • Certificates and Awards for schools and students participating in InSEA activities.

Discover opportunities to publish and make your publications available to a subject-specific audience, for example you can:

  • Submit articles to iMAG (InSEA e-magazine).

  • Have your own publications endorsed by InSEA.

  • Publish your work in partnership with InSEA.

Present your publications and disseminate information about projects worldwide

  • Send your calls, announcements and exhibition notices to the InSEA newsletter.

  • Post calls and information in the InSEA webpage.

  • Send your own resources on art education advocacy, research or praxis to the InSEA webpage.


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