International Conference of Non Governmental Organisations UNESCO, Paris December 12 -14 – 2016

I had the pleasure to represent INSEA to this event in Paris.The main subjects are to exchange and be concerned by « The challenge of the digital revolution for NGO’s ».Mr Eric Falt, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for External Relations and Public Information opened the session and noted the very important participation of NGO. He presented the question of « contemporary digital environment and individual and collective responsibility ». M. Darko Tanaskovic, ambassador, permanent delegate from Serbe Republic at Unesco and President of the comite for relationship with non governmental organisation in Excutive Council of UNESCO expressed how we need to pay attention to take care of « multi-culturality » in regard to multiculturalism which is institutional and quite ideological.Then Mrs Martine Levy, Chairperson of the International Conference and of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee promoted the independence and freedom of the 380 NGO, able through their actions to take care and develop actions in favor of education, culture , sciences and others. As main speaker, Mr Eric Sadin, writer and philosopher, presented the danger of merchandising our life, human freedom through the collect of personal informations, concept of artificial Intelligence and excess of connexions. A very strong lecture supporting creation and art as political and democratic answer against the « silicon power ».

Marie Françoise Chavanne
InSEA delegate in UNESCO NGO Meetings

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