Korea Art Education Association Research Conference, 12/13 August 2016

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Korea Art Education Association and Seoul National University is holding a research conference entitled “Socially-Engaged Art Practice fostering Cultural Competencies” with the purpose of examining past and present issues and discourse on socially-engages art practices in visual art. The conference will include international and domestic scholars, regular school teachers, art educators, and administrators, all of whom are dedicated to the areas of visual art education and studio art. This conference represents an opportunity to engage in discourse with likeminded individuals and to forge relationships through art education. Domestic as well as international scholars will use their different perspectives to analyze the current reality of arts education in depth and to conceive of practical ideas and plans so that they may share and apply valuable research initiatives and examples within socially-engaged art practices fostering cultural competencies. Furthermore, this conference will lead to the discovery of detailed solutions to current issues while presenting an opportunity to set future directions for art education.

Through the 2016 international conference, we will seek to clarify the roles and discourse pertaining to socially-engaged art practices so that we can enhance cultural competencies, a topic of much recent discussion of 2015art curriculum revision in Republic of Korea.  

Understanding socially-engaged art practice: theory and practice in art and design education and beyond

Thinking cultural competencies: teacher/learner relationships and innovations in curriculum development

Technology and sustainable practices in socially-engaged art practice

Collaboration and the importance of networks in creating socially-engaged art practices fostering cultural competencies

Interdisciplinary and creative practice: the role of art/design practitioners & educators in engaging and educating the public in discourses around cultural competencies

Environmental sustainability and socially-engaged art practice fostering cultural competencies: the artist/designer as activist

80-150 WORD ABSTRACTS TO BE SENT TO kartedu@daum.net BY 16TH March 2016

Full paper submission: June 30 2016

Presenters not registered by June 30 will not have their abstract listed in the program and may not be included in the conference program.


For Delegates (Including Speakers )

Early registration by 30th June 2016 $40 ($30 KAEA members, $20 students and unwaged)

Registration from 1st July 2016 $70 ($60 KAEA members, $30 students and unwaged)

Fee does not include accommodation or evening dinners.


For further details about the conference contact: kartedu@daum.net



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