Sampūrṇatā: Completeness


Lee FullARTon at Sanskriti Kendra, New Delhi, India

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In 2014 I was awarded an Individual Artist Grant by Arts Queensland. During the autumn of 2014 I spent two months residing and travelling in India. Selecting an artist in residence space such as Sanskriti Kendra meant that I had a dedicated space within a beautiful and serene environment to ponder, make and create work, direct access to three museums (Terracotta, Objects of Art, Textiles) and was able to meet and work with an eclectic group of traditional and contemporary artists from India and from around the world.The centre is a hub of arts exchange and activity whereby there is someone or something that is interesting, engaging or inspiring to meet or happen each and every day.  This enabled me to connect with many varied artists and their arts practice.

In conjunction with my residency and my work as teaching artist I developed a project with children from Blair and Fernvale State Schools. Each week I wrote to the children detailing my art-adventures, landscapes and stories that in turn inspired their art making responses. I am fascinated by the reciprocated relationship of my experiences inspiring the children to create and in return the children’s work inspiring my work in the retelling of the residency. I hope in the true sense of Sanskriti I have cultivated their creativity, expression and connection to the world.


My senses and love of art were completely nurtured, simultaneously I was enveloped in the intensity of India – its spirituality, humanity, history, story, people and places satisfying me with a consciousness of completeness.  The lasting sense of Sampūrṇatā of the Sanskriti experience is expressed in the making of large painted panels, smaller works and installations. Completeness is not an end point; it is about having all the necessary parts to be whole.

During the residency serendipitous moments came to me as if sent by the gods and goddesses – met by my willingness and sense of adventure I was open to act upon these moments and experiences and bring home lasting images, memories and the essence of the artist in India.

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