Lind, Ulla (2010)

Research title:  Blickens ordning. Bildspråk och estetiska läroprocesser som kulturform och kunskapsform. Stockholms universitet: Inst för didaktik och pedagogiskt arbete.

Research title in English: The Order of Seeing: Visual languages and aesthetic learning processes as forms of culture and knowledge.

Language: Swedish


The main aim of this thesis is to research and discuss the conditions for visual and aesthetic learning processes as forms of culture and knowledge.

Poststructural theories are used and the empirical findings are analyzed in relation to visual cultural studies as well as in relation to dominant orders of seeing and regimes of observation in visual pedagogies.

The study employs two different research methods for investigating the conditions for children practicing visual languages as communicative and aesthetic learning processes. In the first study, visual and verbal documentation of aesthetic learning processes in four different preschool settings are followed and conducted. In the second study, school children were invited to visually represent their answers to the following question: “Tell in pictures about how it is to be a school child/pupil?”

This research contributes to an increased understanding of visual languages, visual culture and aesthetic and creative learning processes contextualized through historical and contemporary meanings of preschools and schools.

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