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(Dr. Mary Stokrocki (USA), Dr. Laurie ELdridge (USA), Dr. Olcay Kirisoglu (Turkey), Dr. Ricardo Marin (Granada, Spain).

Dance recently gained popularity in the USA with the broadcast of the reality television show, So you Think you Can Dance. Preadolescents were questioned about their dance preferences. An analysis/interpretation of a class of Arizona seventh and eighth graders¹ drawings and questionnaires revealed their preference for hip-hop dance style, based upon personal and social reasons. This research project boosted students¹ self-confidence in general, drawing and communication abilities specifically, and interdisciplinary research. Students revealed intrapersonal, social, rational, and existential concerns. Gender differences and skin color emerged as major representation concerns, but spatial concerns were inconsequential. Preadolescents revealed their social identities, which transcended their ordinary experiences in the complex world of hip-hop.
Drawings and reflections by this group of students have been posted on a Website. This pilot study enlarged into a cross-cultural comparison with groups of students in Granada, Spain, and Antakya, Turkey, which revealed cultural differences and similarities. START YOUR OWN BLOGSITE AT

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Stokrocki, M. (2006). [Turkish] Children draw I love to dance:
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