2012 In SEA Kenya At BFTC

After a long time we have again a chance to teach youth by various ways of arts this time through visual and performing arts. I thank my friends of Y-Zone whom we collaborated with in the organizing of this December event. This four-day event brought together more than two hundred and fifty youths from various parts of Kenya. Our main theme was “Using the word of God to enhance individual Change for a better LAND” ahead of 2013 polls. The word of God which is powerful can open TRUE paths towards the destiny of all youths, and not being tools to wedge war against brothers.


The event had many exiting session that best suit youths e.g discuss-ive breaks, games, counseling sessions, entertainment and so on. Since it was a four day event we were able to provide food through contribution from member groups and kind donations from friends. We had to keep the food simple
to cut on cost. It was also not very difficult to accommodate the attendants since Y-Zone and I are members of One church and therefore the church authority kindly donated its facility. We also had speakers from the community so that the event would be more fulfilling.

I, as the coodinator of this event, can’t say it all went without challenges. Our biggest challenge is introducing Teachings using art especially paintings. Many people have a perception that it it the thing of the market. But I thank God our persistence has led to opening of many doors in Church gatherings.its easier with songs and dances. Another chalenge is keeping the interested members together. By august we had 8 Artists but 5 fell away due hardship related issues concidering this being a city the cost of living is too high and most members are their family bread winers they have to fall back to the market to produce
easily sellable pieces. We 3 have maintained knowing the future bright with an educated societ and today we have 10 more who are interested. Time has hindered our consistency in teaching but we have dedicated our time working both in art studio at home. Another mile stone that we are yet to overcome is
the cost of materials finances and many more. Any idears for our growth7643

I believe given support I can mobilize more youths and other Arists into the vision of InSEA

Come next year we hope to improve in our presentation and reporting and also to reach out to many more groups.


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