Australia/pacific art education links

1. Source: TROVE (National Library of Australia online)
Search: Secondary Visual Arts Education
Description: Books, Journals, Articles, Digitised Newspapers, Music/Videos, Archives

2. Source: New Online School Visual Art Program developed in collaboration with Art Education Australia (AEA)
Achieve Thru Art (ATA) is an exciting new Asia Pacific wide school and tertiary visual arts program.
ATA encourages student and teacher participation and provides an opportunity for all students who participate to succeed.
This year’s theme is ‘Cultures, Carnivals and Countries’.
The Achieve Thru Art program:
☐        provides an online interactive art website for students and teachers
☐        encourages students to research relevant themes and nurture creative expression
☐        provides teachers with an educational tool that has been designed to meet school curriculum requirements
☐        encourages dialogue between teachers and educators from participating countries, and
☐        fosters cultural understanding and awareness between countries.

3. Source: Art Education Australia (includes further info about the AEAs peer reviewed research journal

Description: Aims to:

  • perform a cohesive role amongst Visual Arts educators;
  • encourage and promote all facets of Visual Arts education;
  • provide a national focus for all such activity in Australia;
  • provide a national forum and opportunity for the exchange of ideas for all people working in Australia in aspects of Visual Arts education, and to provide advice and assistance for all such people;
  • uphold and promote the National Policies for Visual Arts Education developed by the Institute.

4. Source: The Institute of Art in Early Childhood

Description: The International Association of Art in Early Childhood connects those around the world who have a professional interest in the visual arts for young children. It is a web-based forum for exchanging ideas and discussing contemporary issues. Our on-line, peer reviewed, International Art in Early Childhood Research Journal provides a place for presenting research that involves young children and the visual arts. We are a non-profit, educational organization that seeks to promote the visual arts in early childhood.

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