Through the Prism: Looking into the Spectrum of Writings by Enid Zimmerman

Sabol. F. B., & Manifold, M.C. (Eds.) . (2009). Through the prism: Looking into the spectrum of writings by Enid Zimmerman. Reston, VA: National Art Education Association. ISBN: 978-1-890160-42-5.

Description: Enid Zimmerman has taught or conducted workshops in art education in over 25 countries, was senior editor of the Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education, served as an International Society for Art Education World Councilor, and was recipient of a USSEA Ziegfeld Award. This book provides a diversity of new writings in response to Enid Zimmerman’s publications on important current topics such as community-based art education, gender issues, gifted and talented education, multicultural and global education, curriculum planning, assessment, teacher education, mentoring, and research methodology. Chapters by leading art educators for whom Enid Zimmerman has been a valued mentor or colleague over the past 30 years offer practical examples for 21st-century art educators, pre-service teachers, graduate students, and researchers seeking to explore fresh applications to research, mentorship, and classroom practice.

Language: English

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